Pillows From Public Domain Masterpieces

Welcome to our Pillows page! Here, you’ll discover the perfect pillows from public domain masterpieces.

Throw Pillows, Body Pillows, Accent Pillows, and Round Pillows

Inspired by a peacock feathers vase created by Kawade Shibataro in 1900:
Inspired by a beautifully crafted potpourri vase from the late 1750s:
Inspired by a vintage floral tankard from the 16th century:
Inspired by a moon flask created by the Worcester factory in 1878:

Our curated selection of pillows offers unique designs that stand out and make a statement. Looking for a unique design inspired by public domain masterpieces? Mug And Pillow Bliss has it! Imagine sinking into your couch surrounded by beautiful, carefully designed pillows. Decorative throw pillows that reflect your personality and make your space feel like home.

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